Listed below are some of the local organizations whose projects were funded in part by Klamath County Cultural Coalition.

Winter Wings Festival To fund the “Oregon Bird Man”, a one hour presentation to 350 people about parrots, their uniqueness, care and threatened status. Funds help offset speaking fee, travel, etc. $1000.

Klamath Greenways To help fund save the Link River Canyon Festival. To offset advertising and transportation costs. $850.

 Klamath Kinetic Challenge A human powered vehicle race. Funds to offset cost of porta potties, campground fees, advertising, live music, city permits, food for racers. $850.

 Sage Community School Sending students to Destination Imagination competition…a brain challenge contest. Funds to offset travel and entry fee costs for 15 students. Competition encourages creative thinking and problem solving, $1000.

 Klamath Chorale Will present two chorale concerts for the Klamath community. Expenses include liability, storage, rental and stage equipment. 500 attend. $850.

 Ross Ragland Theater Hundreds of basin area students will attend matinees specifically designed for schools. Funds help offset Montana repertory theater actors costs. $1000.

 Klamath Folk Alliance Folk Alliance musicians will perform for basin area students and provide workshops in basic guitar skills. The Alliance will also use funds to offset expenses for their annual folk festival. $650.

 Basin Senior Center Funds for creative writing classes for seniors along with a public reading and costs associated with the printing of a student anthology. $750.

 Klamath Ice Sports Annual figure skating, ice dancing exhibition open to the public…featuring professional and amateur skaters. Funds for children’s workshops, advertising, instructors. $850

Two Rivers Art Gallery Funds for Art classes for the general public. Beading, pottery, leather work. Funds for teacher stipends, materials, space, advertising. $750.

 Klamath Symphony To fund a strings camp for young musicians…a week long summer camp taught by professionals. $850

 Klamath Art Association To offset cost associated with doing a public (kids/adults) chalk mural project as a part of the Arts on the Flyway downtown music arts festival. Funds for chalk, artist stipend and advertising. $650

 Conger School  Funds for artist in residence program to do art projects across the curriculum for the whole student body…400 students. Funds for materials, artist stipend. $750.

 Klamath Outdoor Science School To funds scholarships for low income kids to attend summer art/science camps. To help offset costs associated with running/maintaining camp structure. $1000.

 Reach Inc. Services for Developmentally delayed adults  Funds to purchase printed materials, art supplies which will go towards creating an 8×10 painted mural for public display…symbolizing inclusion. $800.