Upper Klamath Lake.

Klamath County Cultural Coalition 2021 Grant Information and Application:

Please read and adhere to the following instructions.

Deadline for application submission: November 19, 2021. 

Culture includes all pursuits and activities associated with life in Klamath County as it relates to the performing arts, visual arts, and historical and heritage preservation.

Please become familiar with the grant application document before completing it. Grant awards will be in amounts up to $2000 per project.

The KCCC Board agreed to:

  •  Increase the top grant award amount to $2000.
  •  Give priority to applications with new project ideas rather than consecutive year funding for the same project.
  • Give priority to applications which include children’s programs – arts, history, heritage, projects in schools, libraries, and museums.

The final project evaluation report will be included in the grant acceptance letter. A final report is required by the state and is due 30 days after project completion. Your organization’s final report is due on or before December 31, 2022.  

Directions for completing the grant:

To begin, please complete the Klamath-County-Cultural-Coalition-2021:

Click here to see how we will be scoring your application: Klamath County Cultural Coalition Grant Scoring


Important: An IRS W-9 form for your organization must be submitted with your grant application. Without the form, your application will be considered incomplete.

A W-9 form can be downloaded here: IRS W-9 Form

Please complete the FIRST SIGNED PAGE of the W-9 Form, scan it and send it with your application.

Applications and W-9 form are to be sent via email to Rich Bergstrom at  richb1943@live.com

If you choose not to send your W-9 form by email, please mail or hand-deliver the printed and signed W-9 form in an envelope entitled ATTN: Klamath County Cultural Coalition, to the Klamath County Museum, 1451 Main St., Klamath Falls, OR 97601.

The final project evaluation report is available here:  KCCCReport

If for some reason you cannot complete your funded project, please contact Rich Bergstrom (541-205-2800) as soon as possible.